Pinch Valve

aiRFlex Pinch Valves

aiRFlex pinch valves use advanced technology, innovative design, and top quality construction materials to provide the longest sleeve life.

aiRFlex Advantages & Key Features

  • Simple and cost effective solution for low pressures
  • In-line and quick tube change with patented tube folds for durability & self-cleaning
  • Standard Face-to-Face
  • Exterior & interior corrosion resistant Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powdercoating

Available Configurations

  • CONTROL – MODULATING (Sizing available)


  • aiRFlex


  • aiRFlex Valve

    aiRFlex Valve

  • MONSYS BOX - Smart Valve Wear Sensor System

    MONSYS BOX - Smart Valve Wear Sensor System

  • Maintenance - In-line Tube Replacement (Spanish)

  • Maintenance - In-line Tube Replacement

  • aiRFlex


  • aiRFlex Gallery

    aiRFlex Gallery

  • DN1200 DN1400 Pinch Valves

    DN1200 DN1400 Pinch Valves

  • OEM Application

    OEM Application

  • Tube


  • Pinch Valve Animation

  • Air Release Valve


  • Size Range

    1" (25mm) to 60" (1500mm)

  • Temperature

    -50degF to 250degF

  • Max. Working Pressure

    Up to 60psi (4bar)

  • Standard Face-to-Face

    ASME B-16.10, DIN 3202, ISO 5732

  • Flange Drilling

    ANSI 150#, ANSI 300#, DIN, JIS, AS

  • Actuation

    Plant Air

  • Tube Material

    NR, PGR, EPDM, NBR, IIR, CR, FPM, CSM (View Chart)

  • In-Line Tube Change


  • Wear Sensor

    Yes, option

  • Body Type


  • Body Material

    Ductile iron, aluminum or stainless steel (on request)


  • Fail Positions - Fail Open (standard) or Fail Close with Control Box
  • Quick Opening - Vacuum-assisted Opening
  • Positioner - Proportional Pressue Control 4-20mA
  • MONSYS Box - Smart Valve Wear Sensor System
  • Elastomer Tube Options - wear sensor wire or reduced port
  • Pressure Switch - For Open/Close Indication
  • Solenoid/Filter/Regulator