Vent-O-Mat offers effective air release vacuum protection and surge alleviation for water, sewage, and effluent pipelines. Vent-O-Mat’s distinguished line of air release valves are unsurpassed for performance and durability.

The First Integral Anti-Shock Air Release Valve for Surge Control

Vent-O-Mat is on the cutting edge of air valve design technology. This premium air release valve outperforms the competition: in addition to its air valve functions, it successfully assists in the elimination of surge and water hammer as a standard and automatic function.

World Class Performance

  • Four Functions in One Valve

    Compact design provides four essential functions in a single valve: high volume air venting, surge alleviation, pressurized air release, and vacuum relief.
  • Improves Pipeline Performance

    Vent-O-Mat air release valves give you greater pipeline performance while reducing pumping cost.
  • No Routine Maintenance Required

    Vent-O-Mat is designed for convenience: there are no springs, no levers, and no plungers to bend, bind, or break, and thus requires no maintenance.
  • The World’s Most Versatile Air-Release Valve

    Vent-O-Mat valves adapt to a wide range of materials and pressure ratings, comply with NSF standards, and qualify for ARRA*, Buy America or Pennsylvania (PA) Steel, or American Iron & Steel (AIS), if specified. Call for specifics.