Top of the Line Products

RF VALVES uses the most advanced technology and the highest standards in design to create long-lasting, low-maintenance valves for the most demanding work.


In the last 30 years, we have seen the engineering challenges across the world’s most important and abrasive industries – and we’ve set out to solve them. We are proud to represent the best brands and products on the market. Find out what makes RF VALVES stand out from the rest.

  • Unprecedented Durability to Extend Valve Life

    RF VALVES’ patented non-stretch elastomer tubes result in valves that last longer than conventional pinch, metal, or lined valves – no matter what environment or material the valves encounter.
  • Engineered Solutions for the Toughest Applications

    We offer customized solutions to our clients. Our engineers have solved many application challenges that have caused failures for our competitors.
  • Valves that Meet International Standards

    All RF VALVE products are built to international standards including ASME B16.1, DIN 3202 F5/F15 and ISO 5752 – ensuring you get the perfect fit for any job, anywhere on the globe.
  • Fast Dependable Delivery

    We understand our clients' immediate needs and offer our Rapid Response Center to satisfy their urgent requests.