RF VALVES offers a complete line of industrial manual/automated/control pinch, air release, nozzle check  and slurry knife gate valves built to the highest quality standards.  ASME/ANSI B-16.10, ANSI/ISA, DIN and ISO face-to-face dimensions from 1” (25mm) to 60” (1500) are available. Carefully compare RF VALVES features and benefits to the competition and you’ll find that RF offers clear advantages to those operating, maintaining, and designing plants in the following process industries:

  • Municipal

    Our products are used in a range of municipal applications to serve communities around the world. 
  • Mining

    The mining industry relies on all our line of valves due to the highly abrasive nature of metal concentrates and tailings slurries that they are able to handle. 
  • Chemical

    RF VALVES offers cost-effective alternatives to higher cost stainless steel or alloy valves that might otherwise be required in the chemical industry.
  • Power

    The power generation industry, especially coal-fired power plants, favor RF Valves for use with lime slurry, fly ash slurry and powder, scrubber slurry, river coolant water, and coal sludge.
  • Pulp & Paper

    The pulp & paper industry has many difficult applications. The RF VALVE pinch and knife gate valves are proven in this industry for long life and dependability.
  • Food

    RF VALVES’ premium valve solutions serve food and beverage processing plants around the world.
  • Desalination

    Our valves are used in desalination systems around the worldby the best in the industry. The long-lasting durability of our valves makes them perfectly suited to desalination environments.
  • Other

    Our valves are used in a range of applications such as cement, drilling mud systems, mine de-watering, explosion control systems and more.