Air Release

Air Release Valves

The original “Anti-Shock” & “Anti-Surge” air release and vacuum break valves for water, sewage, slurry, tailings and effluent pipelines

For effective air release vacuum protection and surge alleviation, trust in Vent-O-Mat. Vent-O-Mat offers the first integral anti-shock air release valve for surge control.  

At the Cutting-Edge of Air Valve Design Technology

Intensive research, innovative design, and an understanding of water market needs produced the industry-leading Vent-O-Mat line of air release valves. For the first time, an effective and efficient air valve exists that, in addition to its air valve functions, successfully assists in the elimination of surge and water hammer as a standard and automatic function.


Trusted Air Release Valves

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World Class Performance

  • 4 Functions in One Valve

    Compact design provides 4 essential functions in a single valve: high volume air venting, surge alleviation, pressurized air release, and vacuum relief.

  • Improves Pipeline Performance

    Vent-O-Mat air release valves give you greater pipeline performance while reducing pumping cost.

  • No Routine Maintenance Required

    Vent-O-Mat is designed for convenience: there are no springs, no levers, and no plungers to bend, bind, or break, and thus requires no maintenance.

  • The World’s Most Versatile Air-Release Valve

    Vent-O-Mat valves adapt to a wide range of materials and pressure ratings, products comply with NSF/ANSI Standard 61, and qualify for ARRA, Buy America or Pennsylvania (PA) ifSteel, or American Iron & Steel (AIS), if specified.