Pinch Valve

Pinch Valves

RF VALVE® & aiRFlex® pinch valves use advanced technology along with the highest design standards and construction materials to provide the longest tube life

RF VALVE® & aiRFlex® pinch valves meet the most rigorous service conditions. Our patented elastomer tube fold design prevents stretching and extends the sleeve life to result in valves that last. We provide proven engineered solutions to our customers.

Fast Service with a Global Reach

Through our global distribution and sales network, RF VALVES offers fast delivery and immediate, on-demand technical service and sales support to our customers around the world. We solve your valve problems – fast!

Trusted Pinch Valves

World Class Performance

  • Patented No-Stretch Tube Folds

    Our patented no-stretch tube design features 2 joint-like expansion arches that flex instead of stretch when closing. This unique elastomer sleeve design results in longer sleeve life.

  • SMART Valve™ Monitoring System

    The SMART Valve™ Wear Sensor Indicator Wire alerts maintenance personnel that the tube is worn, facilitating preventive maintenance.

  • Trouble-Free Operation, Recommended in the Toughest Applications

    The self-cleaning flexing action of the elastomer tube prevents build-up of scaling deposits and ensures the valve will not seize or jam, even with high solids.

  • In-Line Quick Tube Change

    The RF VALVE design allows the tube or sleeve to be changed with the valve in-line, saving maintenance time and eliminating the need for recalibration. 

  • ASME Standard Face-to-Face Dimensions

    Our pinch valve design allows for easy placement into a pre-existing pipeline replacing other standard valves.