Municipal Industry Valves

RF VALVES, INC. provides engineering firms with standardized valve designs for the following municipal applications:

  • Sewage Treatment   
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Distribution

We offer sludge, water and wastewater valves, as well as extensive operating expertise regarding the use of automated valves and manual control valves. Experience the RF VALVES difference – our municipal valve solutions will allow you to build and operate sewage and water, treatment facilities more efficiently, more reliably, and more competitively. 

RF Valves serves many municipalities around the world: Hoover Dam Pump Protection, Nevada, Baltimore County Waste Water Treatment, Maryland Gwinnett County, Georgia, Upper Occoquan Sewage Authority, Virginia, Sistema de Aguas de la Ciudad de Mexico, Grupo Mexico-Mexicana de Cobre, Pozos Norte Verde/Proyecto Caserones, Chile, Cerro Verde Mine, Peru, Sydney, Catchment Authority, Australia, Samsung Engineering, Saudi Arabia, Oman Water, Jordan, to name a few.