Knife Gate Hero

RF-INSAMCOR PB Knife Gate Valves

INSAMCOR PB Ported Blade Knife Gate Vavles

For knife gate valves that perform in the most challenging conditions, trust in Insamcor.

RF-INSAMCOR Advantages & Key Features

  • Pass-through design with standard catch chamber
  • 150 psi CWP (10 bar) pressure rating for all sizes
  • Bi-directional flow and shutoff resulting in zero downstream leakage
  • No seat cavity for unwanted solids to build up and prevent full gate closure
  • Field replaceable heavy-duty elastomer sleeves
  • Ported blade is always in contact with the replaceable sleeves on both sides
  • Suitable for wet or dry service

Available Configurations


  • Insamcor PB

    Insamcor PB

  • Insamcor PB

    Insamcor PB

  • Insamcor PB - 2

    Insamcor PB - 2


  • Size Range

    3" (80mm) to 24" (600mm)

  • Temperature

    Up to 390degF

  • Max. Operating Pressure

    Up to 200psi (14bar) depending on size

  • Flange Drilling

    ASME B-16.5 Class 150, AS2129 Table D&E, PN10, PN16

  • Actuation

    Manual, Manual Bevel Gear, Pneumatic, Electro-mechanical and Hydraulic

  • Sleeve Qualities


  • Body & Yoke Material

    FUSION BONDED EPOXY POWDERCOATED Ductile Iron with Fusion bonded epoxy mild steel yoke plates

  • Blade Material

    Stainless Steel 316L , Teflon coated, or Duplex 2205



Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manuals


  • Actuator - Fail Positions - Fail Close/Open via Mechanical or Air Spring
  • Actuator Lockout
  • Manual Override
  • Positioner - Electro-pneumatic or pneumatic
  • Junction Box
  • Gauges
  • Limit Switches - Proximity, Mechanical or Magnetic
  • Pressure Switch
  • Filter/Regulator
  • Solenoid