RF VALVES has assembled a full line of technical resources for your reference. Below you’ll find catalogs, brochures, technical bulletins and manuals in a variety of languages. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us - we'll be happy to help!


Knife Gate Valves

  • RF-SKG Animation

Pinch Valves

  • RF VALVE Pinch Valve Animation

  • Maintenance - In-line Tube Replacement

  • Maintenance - In-line Tube Replacement (Spanish)

Air Release Valves

  • Vent-O-Mat - How it works

  • Function - Filling of a pipeline

  • Function - Pressurized Air Release

  • Function - Vacuum Break

  • Function - Anti-shock

  • Function - Anti-shock Close-up

  • Maintenance - RGX Seal Kit

  • Maintenance - RBX Seal Kit

The Vent-O-Mat CATT (Controlled Air Transfer Technology) Air Valve Sizing Program

Download CATT Sizing Program

The CATT Sizing Program allows engineers to size and position air valves for any pipeline material and/or diameter, for both pumping and gravity mains with ease and accuracy.