Air Actuated On / Off Valves

Air Actuated On Off ValvesaiRFlex Valves
1"/25mm to 20"/500mm ID Larger sizes up to 60"/1500mm available upon request.

The ONLY air actuated on-off valve in full-port industry standard ASME/ANSI B-16.10, DIN and ISO face-to-face; interchangeable with most ball, plug, gate and globe valves


Versatile and Dependable

Ideal for all liquids and powders in low pressure applications.

The patented tube folds minimize stretching when air is introduced between the valve body and the tube to close the valve. This non-stretch design increases elastomer tube life two to three times over conventional air-actuated pinch valves.

Operating Benefits Of Air Actuated On-Off Valves

  • Only air actuated valve in Industry Standard face-to-face dimensions – no piping changes are needed
  • No moving parts; only one wear-resistant elastomer component
  • Self cleaning, will not jam or seize
  • Seals on solids; gentle closing
  • Superior price performance, as no actuator or costly maintenance required
  • Up to 60 psi/4 bar shut-off with 30 psi/2 bar differential between line pressure and air supply
  • Non-stretch folds significantly extend tube life over conventional design
  • Full-port opening
  • In-line tube change saves maintenance cost
  • Actuation by air, hydraulic, or electric (i.e. power-generated air)

Available Accessories:

  • Solenoid, filter & regulator
  • SmartValveTM wear sensor system
  • Vacuum assisted quick opening system
  • Pressure switch to indicate open/close position
  • Pneumatic air receiver fail close operation
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