Municipal Applications

RF Valves, Inc. provides engineering firms with standardized pinch valve designs for valve water and wastewater valves, sludge valves, plus extensive operating know-how regarding the use of automatic control valves and manual control valves with features and benefits to build and operate water and wastewater treatment facilities more efficiently, more reliably, and more competitively.


RF Valves pinch valves comply with ASME/ANSI B16, ANSI/ ISA, DIN or ISO face-to-face dimension standards from 1” to 60” ID – On/Off & Modulating including air-operated designs. Other pinch valve manufacturers do not.

RF pinch valve specifications offer the most up-to-date designs and materials of construction available for engineering firms and municipalities building new water and wastewater treatment facilities. Piping designers should carefully check the last time their corporate specifications were updated as many times designs are 20 to 30 years out of date!

RF VALVES are smaller, less expensive to install, offer long trouble free elastomer sleeve life, and if needed, provide simple in-line maintenance without removing the entire valve from the pipeline. Make sure your company is using best available control technology – we know your customers will appreciate the few minutes taken to check.


At the heart of a pinch valve's design is the elastomer sleeve. It is important to specify one that will last.

RF Valves' non-stretch elastomer tube designs feature unique built-in folds that “flex, not stretch” to close, thereby extending elastomer life two to four times over conventional “stretch” designs.

Compare and see the difference. As the illustration clearly shows, RF VALVES elastomer tube design simply lasts longer than straight sleeve designs.


Major improvements in elastomer resistance to abrasion, chemicals, pressure, and temperature, as well as significant improvements in sleeve design technology, have expanded the functionality of today's pinch valves.

Users are no longer limited to non-standard face-to-face designs that make maintenance problematic and restrict wider use throughout a facility.

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