American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Section 1605
“Buy American” Requirements.

RF Valves, Inc, with manufacturing facilities in Hanover, Maryland, is pleased to inform its’ customers that projects specifying pinch valves for ARRA projects will be manufactured 100% in the United States per the “Buy American” provision. So that proper documentation can be furnished, requests for quotations and purchase orders should be properly identified by specifying the American Recovery Reinvestment Act Section 1605 provision.

To help insure ARRA funds will have the broadest possible impact on our recovering economy, RF Valves will also supply wherever possible, accessories made by U.S. manufacturers as well, as in many cases over 50% of a valves’ total value are components mounted above the valve body such as actuators, instrumentation and other accessories. The reality is that this may make valves we manufacture a bit more expensive than those sourcing these components from foreign suppliers, however, we believe it is the best way to leverage every dollar spent on keeping or creating American jobs.

As creativity is one of our greatest resources in these difficult times, RF VALVE® customers must not forget that all RF VALVE® products are manufactured to standard ASME/ANSI B16.10 face to face dimensions. What this means to U.S. buyers is that RF VALVE® can be substituted for more expensive valve designs, such as ball, gate, or plug valves built to the same standards. This often translates into enormous savings to taxpayers where metal alloys such 316 Monel, or Hasteloy would otherwise be required. Having trouble finding other valves designs qualifying for ARRA? Perhaps RF VALVE® Made in U.S.A. could be the best solution.

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