Industrial Valves Applications

VENT-O-MAT® RF SKG Slurry Knife Gate Valves Most Complete Pinch Valve Line

RF Valves, Inc., manufacturer of RF Valves pinch valves, offers the only complete line of industrial manual valves, automated and control valves built to standard ASME/ANSI B-16, ANSI/ISA, DIN and ISO face-to-face dimensions. Many pinch valve manufacturers do not build to these globally accepted dimensions. Carefully compare RF Valve® features and benefits to the competition as RF offers clear advantages to those operating, maintaining, and designing plants in process industries.

Many Manual And Automatic Control Valve Applications

RF Valves are used in a wide array of industries and applications.  Examples include...

RF Valves are used in a wide array of industries and applications.  Examples include...
Industrial Minerals
Metal and mineral concentrates
Chemical additions
Coal slurries
Titanium dioxide, clays, carbonates, iron oxide, talc
Potash, carbon, ceramics, magnesium, silica, catalysts
Cement, fiberglass

Chemicals Power Generation
Most corrosive and abrasive liquids, such as acids, chlorinated waters, salts, brine, ammonium sulphate, magnesium hydroxide, and more.
Fly ash
Scrubber slurries
Lime slurries
River cooling water


Pulp & Paper Steel Mills
Pulp slurries
Green, black and white liquors
Rejected slurries, dregs
Pigment slurries
Junk traps
Quench waters
Pickling solutions
Chemical additions
Process waters
Foundry sand

Food & Beverage 
Sugar-beet slurries
Sugar cane processes
Fruit and vegetable processing
Juices, syrups, mash
Waste handling

The Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

Beyond those applications where pinch valves have traditionally been applied, today’ innovative engineers have an additional tool to solve problems where ball, plug, gate, globe, and diaphragm valves routinely experience operations and maintenance problems in abrasive, scaling, corrosive, or plugging-prone liquid, slurry, or bulk handling services.

Where process temperatures are 210 F (100 C) or less and an elastomer is suitable for the media, a paradigm shift applying an RF Valves solution may well be in order. Where:

  • ball, plug, gate and knife gate valves do not reliably isolate equipment complicating maintenance
  • continuous valve leakage incurs production losses or overburdens waste handling systems
  • valves with years of inactivity need to operate reliably the first time
  • excessive twisting of manual valve stems (due to seizing of metal components) quickly makes valves inoperable
  • process conditions like pH, solids, and dissolved solids vary widely
  • an elastomer is well suited for high levels of chlorides or other corrosive solutions that otherwise require use of significantly more expensive metals such as 316 s.s,, Monel, Hasteloy C, or Titanium.
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