Electric On / OFF Valves

Electric On Off ValvesRF Valves
Electrically operated RF Valves® are supplied with all major electro-mechanical actuators, such as EIM, Rotork, Limitorque, and Auma

Smaller electric actuated valves up to 3” ID are available in more compact designs.

Important Economies:

Standard control packages may offer important economies versus pneumatic actuators, when the cost of accessories, installation, and maintenance is carefully evaluated for both designs.

Electric On Off ValvesStandard features of On-Off electric actuators include:

  • Manual hand wheel override
  • Fail last position @ loss of power with self-locking worm gear
  • Open/Close torque limit switches
  • Local push-button control and remote actuation capability
  • Direct interface with mA current and digital signals
  • Phase sentry
  • All connections made within central, protected control box
  • 110~560VAC, Single or 3-Phase, 50~60Hz

Optional features include remote control, PLC integration and extended shafts.

Electric On Off ValvesDesign Features include:

  • Industry Standard face-to-face dimensions making them interchangeable with most ball valves, plug valves, gate valves, and diaphragm valves
  • Patented non-stretch elastomer tube design, providing a longer tube life and operation under vacuum conditions
  • Split valve body design, combined with elastomer tubes that have no flange bolt holes, allow in-line tube change that drastically reduce maintenance time
  • Stainless steel shafts, screws, pull bars and fasteners on all electric on-off valves
  • Exterior as well as interior corrosion resistant coating
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